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Iberian Nature - Servicio de Guías de Naturaleza

Localização e contacto:

C/ Ruanes, 4
10200Trujillo , Cáceres (Extremadura)

Iberian Nature Birding & Nature Guide Services is a business based in Extremadura since 2005.

Jesús Porras is the manager and responsible for the organisation of activities, with considerable experience guiding birding excursions across Extremadura.

Using local guides based in Extremadura together with the best birding places is our guarantee for offering the best to our clients. We accompany them to the places where they are able to enjoy nature in great surroundings, using up-to-date information, based on our continued activity watching birds in Extremadura.


  • Routes across the whole of Extremadura for all levels from beginners to the most experienced.
  • We can design routes to help to see specific species.
  • Excursions combine driving in spacious minibuses with comfortable walks.
  • Hiking routes as a means to visit some of the lesser-known corners in the countryside.
  • Also thematic excursions on amphibians and reptiles, mammals, insects (butterflies and dragonflies) and plants (especially orchids and vegetation types).
  • Hides for photographers for Great Bustard, Little Bustard and other steppe species, as well as for vultures and other scavengers.


  • Guided visits


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  • Spanish