Geoturismo en las Villuercas

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Geoturismo en las Villuercas

Localização e contacto:

Finca La Sierra, s/n
10129Berzocana , Cáceres (Extremadura)

Recently established, Geoturismo en las Villuercas is a business operating in the GeoPark Villuercas, Ibores and Jara. Viktor Guillén and Eugenia Martín have expert knowledge of the GeoPark, its fauna and flora and know the best areas there to watch birds. We have one of the most innovative forms of sustainable travel, the environmental impact of our eco-vehicles is nil. When running they produce no CO2, no sound and no other contamination.


  • Provide different routes and sites designed for birdwatching.
  • Guided excursions in eco-vehicles.
  • Possibility to combine birdwatching and nature with hiking and cycling.
  • Special routes for birds and the GeoPark.
  • Mixed routes: 4x4, birds and hiking.
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee shop
  • Guided visits
  • Garden
  • Wifi
  • Bikes 


  • English
  • Spanish