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Ruralplan Incoming Services

Location and Contact:

Calle Doñana 24, 6º A
10005Cáceres , Cáceres (Extremadura)

Ruralplan Incoming is a company established since 2005, working with small groups for high quality birding with carefully designed itineraries and the most experienced guides. We are an incoming service agency with more than 15 years of experience, established in Extremadura since 2005. We have catered for many tourists who visit us with specialist national and international tour operators. We manage all incoming services for their clients, organisation of itineraries, transport and accommodation. Our business clients include Ace Cultural Tours, Fieldguides, Heatherlea, Ace Explores, International Hainault Toursime, Südwartsreisen, ARR Natur und kulturreisen, Scanbirds, Oppelevnature.


  • Incoming services: transportation, airport transfer, guides and accommodation.
  • Fly & Drive birding programmes for individuals


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