Monfragüe Treasures

Monfragüe Treasures

Location and Contact:

C/ Cáceres, 36
10680Malpartida de Plasencia , Cáceres (Extremadura)

We have a team of people with great knowledge of the area, all coming from different parts of northern Extremadura. The leader of this initiative, Alberto Rubio, comes from one of the mountain villages from the Jerte Valley, Casas del Castañar, and currently is based in Malpartida de Plasencia. Alberto loves the history and traditions of the area and its natural history. After several years working for other companies in the sector and with a wide experience in bird watching, cultural and sport activities, he has created this company with the mission to show visitors the culture and customs of the north of Extremadura.


  • Birding excursions in the Monfragüe National Park and Biosphere Reserve, Arrocampo and Talaván SPA.
  • Guided visits of the districts of Valle del Jerte, la Vera, Valle del Ambroz and Tierras de Granadilla
  • Activities around astronomy and kayaking.
  • Visit to a cherry farm to sample the cherries and learn about the different varieties (from May to June)


  • English
  • Spanish