Casa Rural Abuelo Marciano

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Casa Rural Abuelo Marciano

Location and Contact:

Finca Carnáceas. Ctra. CV-562 (Garganta - Jaraíz), km. 2,2
10412Garganta la Olla , Cáceres (Extremadura)

The house was built in 1912 as a sanitorium or resting place. Before becoming a self-catering cottage, it was a family house. It is situated in beautiful surroundings between two gorges, with the municipality of Garganta de la Olla, a small town of mountain architecture declared an Artistic and Historic monument, just two kilometres from the Monastery of Yuste and in the heart of the district of La Vera.




  • Birding routes.

  • Guided visits.

  • Nature and Hiking.

  • Self-catering house (with at least five rooms).

  • Fully equipped kitchen, with possibility to offer breakfasts, lunches and dinners.


  • Transport