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Rutas por Extremadura

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Calle Colón 2
10129Cáceres , Cáceres (Extremadura)

If you want to get to know Extremadura: its landscapes, regions, villages and people, culture and history…we can offer you an experience that gets right to the essence, is original and different; moments that will reach deep inside you.

Rutas por Extremadura brings together a wide group of professionals who are specialised in different areas of tourism and leisure, people who can take you to the best bird watching places, to protected areas, to archaeological sites, to have a close experience with the culture and customs of the local people.


  • Bird watching routes
  • Hiking and 4x4
  • Sporting and leisure activities
  • Courses, conferences, workshops…
  • Thematic excursions: rock paintings, fossils, singular trees, mammal watching


  • English
  • Spanish